#SQLSat61, DC Edition: Free SQL Server Training in Reston, VA on December 4

I’m Talking About Partitioning!

I’m giving an introductory session on horizontal table partitioning in SQL Server, and I’ll dish up all the goods you need to know about the feature.

Here’s the deal with table partitioning: it can be extremely beneficial to businesses in the right situations, and when specific changes to schema and application queries are possible. But if you’re doing it wrong, things can get ugly pretty fast. How do you know where it’s a good choice and what you need to do? It’s complicated.

In my talk I’ll cover all the basics of the feature, we’ll talk about requirements, pros and cons, gotchas, and the implications of partitioning for applications. I’ll give you what you need to be a scalability hero.

Is It Hard to Get To?

Not at all, my friend. This event is in Reston, VA and is very close to Dulles airport. For other out of towners, there’s lots o' great flight deals into Dulles. And there’s a great slate of speakers signed up, so come on out.

How Do I Sign Up?

Click here for more information on the event.

Hope to see you on December 4.