Haikus for SQL Saturday #43

SQL Saturday #43 was held in Redmond, Washington on June 12. It was tons of fun: great sessions, lots of interesting people to meet, and a well organized day where everything happened on time as if by magic.

SQL Saturday is a free event open to the public and is part of the Professional Association for SQL Server. You can learn more at http://sqlsaturday.com.

I had a great time and learned a lot, and THANK YOU to all the volunteers and speakers, and everyone who helped the event happen!

SQL Saturday Haikus

Here are the sessions I attended with a haiku inspired by each.

“SSIS for the Faint of Heart” by Scott Stauffer (blog | twitter)

Play with these samples You can do a LOT of stuff The demo gods smile.

“SQL Server 2008 Reporting from the Ground Up” by Donabel Santos (blog | twitter)

Sparklines make pictures Even your boss understands And the maps are cool!

“The Compression Session” by Kalen Delaney (blog)

A new row format May make your life easier Use it like butter

“Using SQL Trace/Profiler Effectively” by Robert Davis (blog | twitter)

Using Profiler Be careful what you ask for Or you’ll be sorrrry

“SQL Server for the Oracle DBA” by Buck Woody (blog | twitter)

Just define the terms And you’ll see it’s not so strange Did you bring a date?