SQL PASS Summit 2017 Day 2 – Keynote Notes and Ideas

This morning, Dr Rimma Nehme tells us the story of the birth of Azure Cosmos DB, a global, scale-out database system. At the beginning of the talk, I can already tell that I’m going to recommend you watch the recording– and here it is! Summarizing this and paying attention simultaneously is going to be tough. So […]


SQL PASS Summit 2017: Day 1 Keynote Thoughts and Memories

Whee! It’s the first day of the main SQL PASS Summit conference and I made it to the keynote early for the first time ever. The hype says we’re going to see some great presenters this morning. Memories: my first Summit, that time I was too shy to say “Hi” to Mr. Denny The very first […]


The Death of SQL Server Service Packs

SQL Server Service Packs are going away, starting with SQL Server 2017. I talk about why I think this is a good thing, and discuss Cumulative Updates, Service Packs, and the process of updating SQL Server. No time to watch right now or read the transcript below? Listen in podcast format on iTunes , on Google Play, or plug this […]


Love and Hate for SSMS

People have strong feelings about SQL Server Management Studio: they love it AND they hate it. In this week’s episode, I talk about why people have such conflicting feelings about SSMS, and how to work it all out. No time to watch right now or read the transcript below? Listen in podcast format on iTunes , on Google […]

how do i analyze a sql server execution plan

How Do I Analyze a SQL Server Execution Plan?

A query is slow, and you figure out how to collect the query execution plan. Now what? In this video, I talk “big picture” about what execution plans are, what “cost” is, why to collect “compiled for” values, and the steps I take to analyze execution plans while performance tuning queries. No time to watch […]


Do I Need to Master PowerShell?

As a SQL Server DBA, do you need to be a master of PowerShell scripts? In this 9 minute episode, I talk about how much you need to know about PowerShell, and examples of ways I personally use (and struggle with) PowerShell. This episode is part of TSQLTuesday. This month, our topic is hosted by […]