“Dear SQL DBA”: a Weekly Podcast for SQL Server DBAs and Developers

Don't worry, someone else has already asked a weirder question.

Don’t worry, someone else has already asked a weirder question.

“Dear SQL DBA” is a free weekly podcast where I answer questions from (and about) SQL Server DBAs.

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Links to episode blog posts – show notes, links, and embedded YouTube videos

39) Are Bad Statistics Making My Query Slow?

38) Index Maintenance & Performance

37) Lock Timeouts & Memory

36) Why is My Transaction Log Growing in My Availability Group?

35) When SQL Server Does NOT Use Write Ahead Logging

34) Using a Tail Log Backup in a SQL Server Migration

33) Stack Dumps in SQL Server (the “Taking a Dump” episode)

32) Write Ahead Log: The Concept that Makes Recovery Models and Backups Make Sense

31) Will the Cloud Eat My DBA Job?

30) Confused by sp_who2

29) Should I Learn Fulltext Indexing?

28) Index Types: Heaps, Primary Keys, Clustered and Nonclustered Indexes

27) What’s that Garbage in My Execution Plan?

26) Switch in Staging Tables Instead of Renaming Them

25) Limiting Downtime for Schema Changes

24) Is Your SQL Server Running with Scissors?

23) Why is My Query Faster the Second Time It Runs?

22) Should I Upgrade to SQL Server 2016?

21) What is Adaptive Query Processing?

20) Where Do You Get Your Creativity?

19) Should I Rebuild or Reorganize Large Indexes?

18) Can I use Statistics to Design Indexes?

17) Setting up Free Blocking Alerts and Deadlock Monitoring

16) Which is Worse: An Unused Index, or an Un-Indexed Foreign Key?

15) Finding Your Voice as a Speaker

14) Collect and Baseline Wait Statistics

13) Developer Seeks DBA Career

12) Teach Yourself SQL Server Performance Tuning

11) Altering an INT Column to a BIGINT

10) Should I Automate My Windows Updates?

9) Why an Upgrade can Cause Performance Regressions 

8) MAXDOP of Confusion – Setting Max Degree of Parallelism, Cost Threshold for Parallelism, and a Brief Intro to Soft NUMA

7) How to Level Up Your DBA Career

6) Index Usage Stats Insanity – sys.dm_db_index_usage_stats

5) Fail Over Again, Fail Better – Preparing for Disaster Recovery

4) Outside the Big SAN Box: Identifying Storage and SAN Latency in SQL Server

3) Next Door to Derpton – When Your Fellow DBA is a Danger to Databases

2) Lost in Performance Troubleshooting – Kendra’s Perf Triage for SQL Server

1) Bleeding In Edgeville – When Upgrades Come Too Fast