Hi! I’m Kendra Little.

Hiking on the West Highland Way

Hiking on the West Highland Way

I teach SQL Server performance tuning at SQLWorkbooks.com

Enrollment in some courses is currently free! Check out SQLWorkbooks.com.

I specialize in Microsoft SQL Server performance tuning

I love the challenge of identifying the bottleneck in a workload and zooming in to figure out the exact changes to fix the issue, whether it’s rewriting TSQL, tuning indexes, modifying hardware, or changing application architecture.

I live in Portland, Oregon

Jeremiah Peschka is my main squeeze. Like a good Northwesterner, I’m crazy for bicycles, travel, food carts, hiking, and trips to the Oregon Coast.

Don’t Just Run Scripts You Find on the Internet in Production

Test ’em out and make sure you understand what you’re getting into.

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Biking in the Columbia River Gorge

Biking in the Columbia River Gorge